"Alright, I'm back. What are the trendy memes."
~ Timberwoof trying to get with the times
Timberwoof is a tagger who joined on November 12, 2014. He is a fairly well-known name on the site despite his infrequent activity, known for his short-lived accidental permaban and for being the original creator of the Lore wiki.


Timberwoof was introduced to the site by his real life friend, fellow tagger Blast, his debut being met relatively positively. He went on to garner 700+ points uneventfully before a tragic incident occurred in the young tagger's life.

The Big Ban

During the Racist Anon event, Timberwoof created a post pretending to be the Anon; however, he had created it under his username by accident. He later commented on the mistake, mentioning that he 'forgot to sign out'. This turned out to be a poor choice of words, as Dr. Dos took this to mean that he was the Racist Anon, and promptly banned him indefinitely. The rest of the site retaliated with a Bring Back Timberwoof movement, which eventually succeeded.

He went back to tagging as normal, before becoming almost entirely inactive after Sensible Haircut's ban. He didn't return to full tagging action until March 27, 2016, wherein he formally announced his return to the site in the form of the first in a series of item sets showcasing the entirety of the Bee Movie script, start to finish. What a comeback.


While maintaining good standing in general, Timber is short on outright allies due to his lack of time spent on the site. The only one that has had contact with him constantly throughout his entire tagging career is Blast.


  • Timberwoof considers himself Papyrus incarnate.
  • Timberwoof makes SFM posters, which he then proceeds to drown in Photoshop editing.
  • Timberwoof is obsessed with Undertale, tainting getting Blast into it as well.
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