This page is where we list all of the stuff that should really probably very definitely get done sometime soon in the near future maybe possibly perhaps.

If there's something that you think deserves to be here, please add it. Or better yet, make it! No-one's stopping you. Of course, if you don't know how to do so, then it's probably better to leave it here.

Any suggestions you have should also be left here in the 'Maybe' section. Talk stuff out in the comments if need be.


  • Endiome (should be a History page documenting the missbombings rather than a profile page)
  • Contests
  • Fps__Man__
  • the last airblaster
  • DannyFantom
  • anatolebahorel
    • Maybe for the more antisocial people make a page to give a short rundown of them and save space.
  • Add image galleries to April Fools' Week, along with explanations of obscure items like Fight Dog or Zoolooman
  • Creating pages for the Memes category (basically a perennial job)
  • Citations. In general.
  • Do occasional checks on the wiki for polishing and quality control (passive thing)
  • Keep adding things to the DYK thingie
  • Make a guide to editing (most people suck at it somehow)


  • 2014 login bug?
  • Item #X00000
  • Discord drama
  • Convert to a new infobox and then fix some things over that (current infobox' colours look like piss and I have no idea how to edit it)
  • Add code for specific fonts and colours.
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