This page is where we list all of the stuff that should really probably very definitely get done sometime soon in the near future maybe possibly perhaps.

If there's something that you think deserves to be here, please add it. Or better yet, make it! No-one's stopping you. Of course, if you don't know how to do so, then it's probably better to leave it here.

Any suggestions you have should also be left here in the 'Maybe' section. Talk stuff out in the comments if need be.

To create

  • Minisentry Incident
  • Attack of the Clones II: The Buttrapening
  • Trumpbuttrape
  • Final Wahfia Raid
  • Tagger Generation 6 category (post-site closure/early days of new site)
  • DannyFantom
  • Editing Guide
  • AncientShed
  • Rules for the Wiki
  • Critbombs
  • Memes in general (Oh God What is This, Kurt Cobain's Microphone, Lucksman, TFW, Know the Difference, Original Dick Jokes, etc.)

To improve

Potential additions

  • Removal of "The" from the titles of most history events.
  • Endiome (should either be added to TGR's page or made a separate page encompassing all he did)
  • First Banning of AFI (August 21, 2015) (Could just be added to AFI's page).
  • Golden Age (See History category page)
  • The Edge Incident (Meta Breakers's leave and never come back)
  • Leave and Never Come Back™
  • The End of an Era (Jesse's 9/11/16 permaban) (Could probably just be added to Jesse's page if not already there)
  • Minor Tagger Category (could be an excuse to leave these Taggers' pages as stubs)
  • Fps__Man__
  • anatolebahorel
    • Idea to make a collective page for antisocial Taggers with high crits
  • More pages for memes, specifically the site-specific ones.
  • 2014 login bug?
  • Item #X00000
  • Discord
  • RagTag
  • Final Wahfia Raid

To "Taggify"

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