The submission limit is perhaps the only measure the site has to combat common-or-garden shitposting (besides downvoting it to oblivion, of course). Nevertheless, the unassuming, little white number in the top corner is rarely treated with any respect, and anyone with a high enough amount of points barely even gives it the time of day.

Except when it breaks.

The Science Behind Limits

Submission Limit

The submission limit. This user has the maximum limit of 25, and has already made 10 posts.

Your submission limit dictates the amount of tags and comments you can make each day. Once you hit your limit, you'll need to wait for the site's clock to 'roll over' (7:00 PM Eastern Pacific Time), at which point your limit will be reset.

Your submission limit changes depending on your Profile Ranking, with the limit increasing at certain ranks:

  • The default limit is 5 posts per day.
  • At the rank of Uncharitable (100 points), the limit increases to 10.
  • At the rank of Wicked Nasty (500 points), the limit increases to 25.

The Importance of Those Limits

Dr. Dos, the site admin, created submission limits to make people wiser about what they post and to keep shitposts down to a minimum. Veteran taggers with higher amounts of points have their limits raised as a way of acknowledging that they're good enough at tagging to not shitpost too much.

Well, that's the theory, anyway.

In reality, the site doesn't often suffer from the sort of gormless spammers that the limit is intended to shut down; most of the major conflicts happen between veteran taggers having arguments, and they have the full 25 posts to play with. And hey, even 10 posts didn't stop AFI from getting Negative Hale's Own...

That's not to say they're useless, though. The Attack of the Clones would have been much more annoying were it not for the 5-post starting limit!

Comment Limits

Before January 11th, 2016, the submission limit only counted tags, not comments. This change, known as the Limited Comments Update, was enacted after two posts were made dedicated to reach a Hale's Own comments section. One post reached over 3500 comments, and another almost hit 50,000 comments before crashing the entire site. This incident is referred to as "The Mystery". Why is it called that? Why that, fellow tagger, is a mystery.

This change was superseded on February 20th, 2016: comments now have a limit of their own, independent of the submission limit.

Occasionally, the submission limit fails to reset, and remains that way until fixed by Dos; these occurrences, particularly the first, are referred to as Taggenings.


This post illustrates part of the reason why comments were made to count towards the limit. In fairness to Blast, however, he was joking. More importantly, he didn't crash the motherfucking site.

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