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SaturnCaine is a Tagger mainly known for creating puns about himself.


SaturnCaine was a homeless man picked up off the street when a random passerby accidentally dropped a small guidebook that provided tips on creating decent Nametags and Descriptions for items. He then got the inspiration he needed to make the half-decent tags that he does today. First off, things were smooth. He made tags that generally got well-received. Then he got missbombed, probably because he made terrible, narcissistic puns about himself and always bragged about getting to milestones that other taggers reach literally every day, when he reached 1000 crits. He then got super-depressed and touchy, and lashed out at anyone that came near him. He then quit the site altogether after making a fuss over the color of his hat. He then came back about a month or so later, and stayed. Aaaand the rest is history. No pun intended.

While SaturnCaine officially started creating tags on February 3rd, 2016, his technical first tag ever created was on January 12th, 2015, under the alias "JoltTheHedgehog".


Saturn is an extremely short-tempered person, and as such, dislikes many people in general (but only a few taggers are in that list, them being Relk_Cehi, Player 1 + Player 2 and Jesse). Albeit, there are a few select people that he likes, the list going like this:


  • SaturnCaine mains Medic, although occasionally plays Spy, Sniper or Scout in public servers.
  • Saturn is extremely greedy, and will keep any non-currency gift you give him. Even if he won't use it. Contrary to SaturnCaine's greed, he's extremely aggressive when it comes to GIVING gifts, as opposed to receiving them. He'll make SURE you take an item, even if you don't use it yourself. He jokes around by calling it "Aggressive Gifting; The SaturnCaine Experience".
  • Saturn occasionally changes his name to various songs and their artists.
  • SaturnCaine has previously stated that his 'waifu' is the Mercy class from Overwatch.
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