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"A man of exorbitant wealth and power. A man of innumerable tags and jokes. Like a Willy Wonka Wordsmith, he rarely emerges from his Dome of Comedic Thought to bestow a new tag to be read by the site. Don't let his hermit like appearance fool you, he is a capable and cunning linguist, and a master debater."

~ Sensible Haircut, explaining Relk's brilliance

Relk_Cehi, more commonly known as Relk, is one of the oldest taggers to regularly post on the site. They had the highest number of points on the entire site the day before it closed, and was one of the few active taggers to own a Hale's Own title.


Relk discovered TF2Tags in early November of 2013, after finding the "Shrexecutioner" in a Google search. After reading through some of the best posts of all time, Relk finally made their mark on TF2Tags on November the 10th, 2013, with his first tag, "Capotain Planet". Since then they have become somewhat of a legend, earning the status of King AND Queen of April alongside Beelzebuzz after winning the April Fools' contest in 2014. Good job.


Relk, taking off their hat (pre-patch).

"Getting Relk'd"

Definition: When you try to post something, but Relk already posted it.

Relk is perhaps the only user on the site to have had a tagging term named after them. The process of Getting Relk'd, or Getting Relked (coined by Legownz in 2015) occurs when a user creates a tag that they think is original...only to be told that Relk did it first, often years prior. Other taggers sometimes use a similar phrase with their names in place of Relk's when this has happened to them, but the colloquial term is named after the eponymous tagger because "95% of the time, it's motherfucking Relk."


Relk currently hates a lot of users for crimes against the site, themselves, or Dr. Dos. The only user Relk does not hold any grudges against at all is A Fucking Idiot, whose posts they find hilarious enough to bring them to tears.


  • To avoid spamming their representative item over and over, Relk uses it sparingly.
  • Relk_Cehi's name spelt backwards is "iheC_kleR", in reference to the Hecklers from Rayman 3. Their profile picture is of a Heckler, too.
  • Coincidentally, Relk's birthday is the same as TF2's birthday.
  • One of Relk's catchphrases is "Bah!" However, they are unable to effectively use it around anyone from TF2Tags as they consistently make fun of it.
  • Relk's preferred TF2 class used to be the Spy. They later changed it to the Soldier, before finally settling on the Heavy.
  • Relk always puts "Relk" in the keywords of each of their tags so they can search through them quickly later. This may have inspired other users to do the same.
  • Relk is a huge fan of "Hon-Hon and Sneky". It's one of the only community creations that they actually enjoy.
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