Profiles are basically TF2Tags' version of an ID card, and they work in fairly similar ways; a bartender probably won't sell you scotch unless your ID says you're old enough to drink, and likewise, a tagger probably won't listen to your opinion unless your profile's e-peen is bigger than theirs.

What are they?

All users on TF2Tags (even Anonymous) have a profile, containing some basic information about their progress. They can be accessed by clicking on a tagger's username, which appears alongside tags they've submitted or comments they have posted.

When you access a profile page, it will contain a box with the following information from (roughly) top to bottom:

  • The person's avatar (at left), Profile Ranking and username.
  • Points (net amount of crits accumulated)
  • Total Submissions
  • Submissions Today (posts made that day, compared to the user's Submission Limit)
  • Three links; one to a list of that user's submissions, one to their Steam profile, and one to their TF2 backpack (displayed on TF2B).

If you are accessing your own user page, you will also see two more functions. A Recent Comments box under the main profile shows you the 10 most recent comments (including your own) made on your submissions, with a link allowing you to view older ones. Further down, there is a text box allowing you to change your site username (your site name is independent from your Steam profile).

And also,right there is a design of profile page.


  • Profiles do not state if a given user is banned.
  • It is also possible for a user's avatar to be seemingly independent from their Steam profile; this is due to TF2Tags only changing your avatar when you log in and out of the site.
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