Profile Rankings are the closest thing the site has to a motivation. If Crits and Misses are the soul of TF2Tags, then Rankings are what remind the soul to get up early, eat a balanced breakfast, and put the bins out.

Your ranking can be either your claim to fame or your claim to shame in the eyes of the community. There's a good reason the phrase 'Hale's Own' is one of absolute importance within the TF2Tags mythos.

The Science Behind Being Strange

Profile Rankings are titles prefixed to the names of taggers as an indication of their relative status. They are directly based on the amount of points that a user has, with new titles being awarded (or taken away) when a set amount of points is reached. Profile Rankings are identical the Strange ranks for weapons in TF2; the ranks, and the points required to reach them, are listed below:

 Points Title Awarded
0 Strange
10 Unremarkable
25 Scarcely Lethal
45 Mildly Menacing
70 Somewhat Threatening
100 Uncharitable
135 Notably Dangerous
175 Sufficiently Lethal
225 Truly Feared
275 Spectacularly Lethal
350 Gore-Spattered
500 Wicked Nasty
750 Positively Inhumane
999 Totally Ordinary
1000 Face-Melting
1500 Rage-Inducing
2500 Server-Clearing
5000 Epic
7500 Legendary
7616 Australian
8500 Hale's Own

These titles can be seen on the tagger's profile page. Taggers do not receive a notification if and when they receive a title.


An example of a Profile. At a score of 3822 points, we can determine this tagger has the title of Server-Clearing. Unless you suck at math.

There are no titles that exist if one gets a negative score, meaning they will be stuck at 'Strange' until they work their way back up. However, regardless of this, people that get low enough negative scores are regarded within the community as having a rank of 'negative [insert rank here]', such as A Fucking Idiot, who has a rank of Negative Hale's Own.

Titles are almost purely cosmetic, with one exception; at certain ranks, the Submission Limit of a user will increase. This is based on the assumption that users who manage to get these amounts of crits are therefore neither shitposters nor spammers. 

Anyone who's been on the site long enough knows, of course, that this is a steaming load.

Those who achieve the rank of Hale's Own are also officially inducted into the unofficial Hale's Own Club, the group of all Taggers who have achieved that rank. Currently, 19 Taggers have reached this status.

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