"oh ok"

~ Player 1 + Player 2's answer to everything

Player 1 + Player 2 (AKA P1 + P2, or, if you're really lazy, PP) is a tagger (Or taggers, if you count Player 1 + Player 2 as two seperate people) that doesn't post tags frequently, but still visits the site and comments on other people's tags.


Player 1 + Player 2 started on TF2Tags when he heard of the site from the Team Fortress 2 discussion board on the Steam User's Forums, and soon posted his first tag being a Skull Cracker taunt called "Taunt: Beta High Five".

During the July of 2015 Player 1 + Player 2 changed his name to "Legownz is a faggot" because of Legownz not caring about Satoru Iwata's death. This led to the event called "Team Legownz". Everyone started to hate Player 1 + Player 2 because of this and soon changed his name back and apologized to everyone (including Legownz) and stated the reason why he hated him so much. This quickly led back to TF2Tags' normal state.

During August 28, 2015 , Player 1 + Player 2 was banned for two days for the reason "Chill" due to the site behavior during that time; while the ban was still active, it was extended to 10 days (2 of those days being included in the first ban) for "Having report me fuck face on an item that contain a hate message". The ban was further extended to 18 days (again, including the 10 days) for "Miss bombing certain people". During the time he asked Legownz to make an item for him saying that he PROBABLY might leave the site forever due to the site's community being hostile. Player 1 + Player 2 said that Dr. Dos is "trying too hard to keep him from the site for as long as possible".


He's pretty much friendly to nearly anyone, including Legownz, but is on the bandwagon for anyone who is currently hated. However, he greatly dislikes CP because "he just uses reddit to cheat all of his tags" according to Player 1 + Player 2 (referencing an incident in which CP advertised one of his tags on r/tf2).


  • P1 + P2 has over 5,000 hours in TF2, yet he's somehow the worst at playing the game.
  • Instead of saying "Jesus", P1 + P2 says "Jeezus" for an unknown reason.
  • According to P1 + P2, Player 1 in his name is the dominant player.
  • P1 + P2 has an obsession of animated plants, especially Flowey from Undertale and Thyme Warp from Plants vs Zombies 2.
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