"his face looks like a girl so its all good"

~ Le Tryhard Hunter's life motto, probably

Le Tryhard Hunter, or simply Tryhard, is a relatively major tagger in TF2Tags. He is most notable for his mini-series "Epic Rap Battles of TF2" on the site.


Tryhard joined on the 23 of March, 2015, with a better start than most other new taggers; his very first post was of a Darwin's Danger Shield entitled "The 7HP Left", which was received relatively positively in the first few weeks.

Tryhard now resides in TF2Tags' eight quadrillion Discord servers, no longer checking the site.

Tryhard doesn't like his current name and has expressed wish to change it, attempting names such as "Trappi" or "Therister". They haven't really taken off.

Epic Rap Battles of TF2

The Epic Rap Battles of TF2 series is considered Tryhard's signature, and are some of his most popular submissions. The first in the series reached #1 in the monthly ratings in less than a week, and multiple requests have been made by other users for specific submissions each time. There are currently parts in Tryhard's hallmark series. Each submission, with its participants and the date submitted, are listed below:


Tryhard has once attempted salvaging the site despite really wanting to watch the flames from afar on a folding chair.


Le Tryhard Hunter loves everyone!

Or at least the ones that matter.


  • Tryhard was one of the "Doppelganger-Legownz" supporters in the "Team Legownz" movement.
  • Sometimes, Tryhard paints other items lime besides his Apparition's Aspect to represent himself (such as a lime Wiki Cap as the Epic Rap Battles announcer).
  • Tryhard makes SFM posters.
  • Tryhard's mini-series "Epic Rap Battles of TF2" was first inspired by fellow tagger Relk_Cehi's own seperate mini-series "Epic Rap Battles of TF2Tags", which was inspired by YouTube hit series Epic Rap Battles of History.
  • Tryhard recently broke TheGamingRemote's record for the longest item set ever, with his "666", a post with 666 items, and on his 666th post. Whether this proves that he is, in fact, the devil incarnate, we still don't know. However, it was fucking cheap because unlike TGR's set it was just the same thing over and over again.
  • Tryhard has a music channel.
  • Tryhard likes yaoi, shota and traps.
  • Look at this cutie.
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