John Kennedy is a tagger on TF2Tags and is known as someone who can't be taken too seriously on the site, and has proven to be at times an idiot (though not a malicious one).


John joined TF2Tags on January 22nd, 2015. He started by making decent posts until he slowly lost his mind, becoming the tagger he is today. He witnessed a lot of drama during that time, including The Taggening, and other taggers began to acknowledge him due to his experience. John tries to bring his A-game but is currently stuck on Z, and only time can tell how long it will be before he is assassinated or starts pulling rubber room time.

TF2Tags Comics

One of his better-known contributions are his TF2Tags Comics series, a four-panel comic computer-drawn by John himself, with other taggers appearing as their favourite classes (with requisite rep items) and in-character according to popular perception. It was first announced on February 4th, 2016 to a storm of suggestions and requests from other taggers.

The series currently stands at two issues ;The first issue was released on February 8th, and the second on February 15th.


John Kennedy likes to keep a positive attitude with everyone. The only taggers who currently accept his friendship (through Steam) are Relk_Cehi, Jesse, Le Tryhard Hunter, EGG-Z, Blast and Greg the Mannequin.

He has no designated enemies as of yet.


  • John Kennedy likes to make stupid ideas.
  • John Kennedy has a goal to make a post with every item in the game.
  • Besides TF2, John Kennedy's favorite game is Ratchet and Clank.
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