"Jesse was a good man! Jesse was a terrible person! He deserved to stay! Fuck him, he should stay gone. Make up your minds. Also, fuck Kokogumi."
~ Jesse having an emotional breakdown

Jesse was a tagger on TF2Tags and was one of the most veteran taggers. He was well-known for hating bucket jokes and being an asshole in general.

Jesse was an enigmatic creature with a particularly vehement disdain for all things. Although a simple youth, Jesse has shown signs of higher brain functions often associated with high functioning psychotics, and his love for blood shows this very well. A thing of intense mystery and darkness, science has had little to study as often he will only be visible for several months of the years, or when TF2Tags has it's daily shitstorm. It was theorised that he can smell serotonin and sodium chloride (otherwise known as 'salt'), and would show up if someone is angry enough to produce a strong enough scent. Jesse's actual face has never been seen, and it prefers to keep it anonymous. The only thing known about Jesse outside of TF2Tags is that he wears all black with aviators, and owns a revolver. It's unknown if Jesse actually owns said revolver, or if he had stolen it.  On September 11, 2016, Jesse was banned until 2026 for continually carpetbombing. His original intent was to make Dr. Dos so irritated he would shut down the entire site for good, however instead he was banned. 

He has since returned under a fake account of the same name. 


Despite his reputation for hostility, Jesse does have allies, including people like A Fucking Idiot and TheGamingRemote, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't mind killing any of them at any point in time.

Of course, he has a few hundred enemies, the most prominent and vitriolic being Relk_Cehi, with whom Jesse has had many public and heated arguments over the course of TF2Tags' history.

Once, Jesse, after missbombing Walumancer two hundred points, left the site, wanting a complete fresh start. He removed every single one of his Steam friends barring a few. The only Tagger that's still in contact with Jesse is TheGamingRemote. However, he returned a few days later as him leaving was a ruse he took for some personal problems.

After Jesse's return, he became greatly irritated by many of the newer Taggers, vulture_prime being the one he despised the most. After getting into numerous scuffles with vulture and the others, he began to kindle the idea of seriously leaving the site for good, which led to his large-scale carpetbombing that got him banned.


  • Jesse's has been known to use way too many several others representative items, including The Flak Jack, The Macho Mann (painted A Color Similar To Slate), The Attendant, The Shotgun, The Scotch Bonnet (typically when referring to himself missbombing) and The Fire Axe.
  • Jesse was one of the early pioneers of the Bring Back Misses movement.
  • Jesse used to have the second-highest number of points on the site, behind Relk, but has since been overtaken by Makin' Bacon and Twelve Hour Respawn