The Item View pages have the stuff what makes up the tags, innit. It contains all of the useful stuff you'll want to know about (or do with) a given tag. Whether you're legitimately taking an interest in an item, or just doing it because it's the only way you can view sets, you will visit one of these pages at some point or another.

What's in it?

The View page contains all the vital statistics associated with the tag itself, as well as a multitude of other useful functions, for both the submitter and the viewer to utilise.

Since these pages contains a lot of information, this page will go through the different aspects from top-to-bottom.

The top box


This box is basically what can be considered the tag itself. For the most part, everything in here is already visible from the front page, apart from a few exceptions. Here, you will find:

  • The item number: Every item has its own unique number, and they are chronological. For example, the item with the number #10000 is the ten-thousandth item submitted to the site.
  • The tag: Image, name, and description. Surely you know what this is?
  • The 'Rate This Item' section: Contains the author of the tag and the Crits and Misses.

Tag Options

These buttons change what appears at the bottom of the screen, and contain the bulk of the page's utility. In order, the buttons are as follows: (SOME OTHER IMAGE OF THE BUTTONS SOMEWHERE IN THIS PARAGRAPH

  • The Item Details: A more comprehensive overview of the tag content, containing:
    • Name and Description: The same as in the box, except the Name is case-sensitive.
    • Other Item information: What class it's for, what slot it uses, what quality it is, and (if applicable) what paint, Unusual particles or Strange filters it has.
    • Submitted: At what date and time the item was submitted.
    • Keywords: Custom Search terms for the item specified by the tagger (if any).
    • Scoring: How many Crits and Misses it has, as well as a link to the Vote Log.
  • Report This Item: Where users can... er, report the tag to Dr. Dos. Used in the case that it's a duplicate submission, shitpost junk submission, in violation of the site rules, or whatever other reason specifiable by the user, along with any other relevant notes provided.
  • Comments: See the linked page.
  • Image: Generates a 'snapshot' of the tag, which can be saved and used elsewhere without the need for screencapping.
  • If you submitted the tag, you will also see the Modify button, where you can change the name, description and keywords. If you do this more than a day after submitting an item, it will reset the points, so be aware!
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