~Egg-Z During a random game of Taggers against Humanity

Egg-Z is a tagger on TF2Tags. He is a man with a taste for stylized games and fine snacks, and is eager to make friends with people of similar interests. Egg-Z prefers to go by the internet persona of "Egg"; a 3'5, Foul Mouthed young Rabbit


Joining TF2Tags some time in early 2015, Egg-Z first went by the name of "Tactical-mishap"; his early 'career' strife with unintentional shitposting and just being kind of a Prick. after early January 2016 he deleted all his missed posts on Digi_'s advice, boosting his score to 82 points, and vowed to shitpost no longer. After a couple years, Egg-Z has become recognized by other taggers as a nice guy who can't touch type.

The Wahfia

On February 2016, EGG-Z changed his TF2Tags name (temporarily) to "WAHGG-Z" and was appointed hitman of the Wahfia. WAHGG-Z has currently only assassinated Arceus, however his scope is always ready to shoot down a target.


On the 14th of march 2016, EGG-Z accepted a promotion to second-in-command of the Wahfia, a month or two after the incumbent Player 1 + Player 2 left the Wahfia.


Egg-Z is on neutral to good terms with nearly all known taggers, but his most prominent Friendships are

  • Walumancer - Acting under his Command as Second in Command of Wahfia
  • Flak - His only IRL friend who uses TF2Tags


  • Egg-Z's internet persona is inspired by the titular character Max from the Sam & Max franchise.
  • Egg-Z has a fascination with the Rule no.63 of the Internet