"classic good nerf machina"

~ DudeTheNinja

DudeTheNinja was a semi-minor tagger on TF2Tags who was mostly known for drawing. He now makes mods for TF2, one of note being Leg Man.


A lot of his tags were either stats based on memes or the use of the item by the normal playerbase. His sets were often stories involving himself, his team (of weeb trash) and an un-named Engineer, by the name of "Aces High Fat Engineer". His tags may also consist of making fun of a instant-miss 'meme' and adding a Miss pun, or making a "Progressively Verbose" meme.


Ninja's first post was on the 3rd of October 2016, an Australium Black box by the name of "The Item Box" The few items he posted that week generally gained crits, except for a Minecraft joke. However, he learned not to make such a thing that guaranteed misses, and has generally gotten at least a couple of crits per post (save for a few exceptions, which were very trash-post worthy).

In late 2016, DudeTheNinja posted a tagreferring to a Server-Clearing Sapper, with the sapper 'sapping the server, too'. Steam promptly shut down, causing jokes to be made claiming Dude sapped Steam, leading to an event which has come to be called "The Sappening."

Ninja posted frequently throughout the rest of 2016 and early 2017, then disappeared from the community for personal reasons, yet tagged occasionally. He announced his return in 2018 when TF2Tags's closure was announced, then disappeared again.

He has since returned to the community post-closure and is semi-active in the community Discord.


  • DudeTheNinja is a Sniper main (who he claims is unable to aim).
  • He makes mods for Team Fortress 2, mostly stupid ones. He has also made mods for other games, including Minecraft and Starbound.
  • His favourite non-stock weapon (and weapon overall) is the Classic. His least favourite is the Machina, because of the 173 damage on bodyshot.
  • Despite thinking that it's impossible for a minor tagger to get a page on this wiki, this page exists.
  • He's colourblind, as demonstrated by this tag which is of a red SMG skin.
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