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Digi_ is a tagger who joined the site July 3rd 2015 (according to his first undeleted post).


At one point, he loudly went "absent" from the site, after storming out in anger at Dos' comments regarding The Attack of the Clones (which he later clarified as lurking).

He returned on March 5th 2016, mentioning "[his] long tagger's block is gone", and taking up the new alias and persona of "Dirty Snipah". Created in contribution to the Dirty Engineer meme which was rife at the time, Dirty Snipah's posts involve heavy use of innuendo, crude humor and references to masturbation wanking. He has since changed his name.


  • Digi_ is a vocal advocate of having site moderators, and hopes to be one to this day even though he's not a long-time veteran like Jesse or Relk_Cehi.
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