Contests are site-wide events that used to occur between 2011-2014. During a contest, all TF2Tags users are encouraged to post tags relating to a current theme, with a prize for the most popular at the end of the time period.


At the beginning of the month, a theme will be posted on the front page, as well as listed on the awards page. At this point, users have one week to submit items relating to this theme. At the end of the month, the highest rated item submitted will be the winner and receive a prize.


  • All contest submissions must be submitted under a Steam account.
  • All contest submissions must have the contest theme as one of the keywords.
  • Users may submit multiple contest entries.
  • Items must be submitted no later than the 7th of the month.
  • In the event of a tie, Dr. Dos personally decides on a winner.


The prizes for contests have fluctuated through the years, ranging from hats and weapons to keys and games. The prize is always posted on the news page with the topic at the start of the month.

Past Winners

Theme Tag User Prize
Music I Saw Her Standing There ❄Kronus Kringle❄ Team Captain (non-craftable)
Film Rule #1 - Cardio »Scout Pilgrim Towering Pillar of Hats
Romance Soldier And Demo on the CP MUSCLE WIZARD Tyrant's Helm
April (April Fool's Week Items) Strange Part: Dead Horses Beaten The Chimpy Man Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April (Normal Items) Your ass is grass... [CBE-M] BURGERS :D(>NUTTER<) Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April (Obvious Joke) Face-Melting The Ark of the Covenant A Whole Clan of Johnnies Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Myth John henry Propane (C3H8) Berliner's Bucket Helm
Olympics 400m Sprint Results Ad Spookiness Rocket Jumper, Strange Market Gardener
Horror The Sydney Pan Massacre Èron The Private Eye
Puns So a spy walks into a bar Alpha Sight For Sore Eyes
90s ONLY 90'S KIDS REMEMBER THIS! BanthaFodder The Bird-Man of Aberdeen
April2013 (Best April Fool's Item) Strange Phantom Train Alpha Tomb Raider: Anniversary
April2013 (Best Regular Item With Loosened Restrictions) The Mann Co. Shovel Alpha Secret of the Magic Crystals
April2013 (Obvious Joke Award) Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrug Hale's Own Righteous Bison SpaceChem
April2013 (Dos' Personal Favourite) Ask Me About PHP Lancey The Binding of Isaac
Future When this baby hits 5 rockets Schrodinger's Hat The Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
Halloween Rage-Inducing Magical Mercenary A Very Suspicious Truck Spooky Key
AGDQ AGDQ made one million The Big Lebowski Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April2014 (Best April Item) disguise kit (slight return) Relk Cehi Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April2014 (Best TF2 item that's normally invalid) my organs are floating around me Relk Cehi Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April2014 (Best TF2 item that's normally not available to name) The Scout pulls a prank Beelzebuzz Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April2014 (Dos Added This Item For This Joke) Orange Box Beelzebuzz Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
April2014 (Somebody's Going To Make This Joke) Mannceaux Signature Collection Sophisticated Congratulations! Your Honesty has been rewarded with a new hat! (Some other players were less scrupulous, and have been less fortunate) Leveori Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Since the ending of the last contest, Dr. Dos has only made 18 posts in the "news" section, as opposed to the many more he used to do in the years prior. With the site coming to a close, as well as the skyrocketing price of keys, it seems almost sure that a new official contest will most likely never happen again.

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