TF2Tags is host to a wide menagerie of users who submit tags on the site, arguably too many to be listed; however, it can be narrowed down to the people considered as 'major taggers'.

Road to Majorship

According to Digi_, to become a 'major tagger' you must have above 1000 points. This number is hardly steadfast, however, and several exceptions exist for different reasons: some just manage to integrate well enough before reaching that figure (such as Greg the Mannequin and TheGamingRemote) or have become famous/infamous for other reasons (such as A Fucking Idiot, L'Étranger and Kokogumi). Date is also a factor, with older taggers generally considered to be 'more major' than juniors. Most importantly, one must be generally liked by the community (or at least part of it.)

As of 2016, the number for being a major tagger has been amended for most of the community to 2,000. However, it is still up for debate.

Tagger Generations

As of January 2019, there are five "generations" of Taggers present in the site.

First Generation Taggers are generally considered to be those who have reached major status before the time of Sensible Haircut's permaban. Most have gained at least Legendary status and have since left the site. They generally are in the site for the item renames and most were against the rise "Tweet Tags." All of them are highly respected by the other generations, though that doesn't mean they are safe from enemies. Relk is really the only First Genner that still visits the site anymore.

Second Generation Taggers are generally those that came into prominence after Sensible's Ban to around the time where Vulture Prime, the first of the Third Gen taggers and first person to become major in a good amount of time, joined. Most have at least 2000 points at this point, some even reaching Hale's Own. This generation is often the one cited as having created and experienced the most Shitstorms, from Bring Back Misses, the Taggening, The Colorless Times, to Attack of the Clones and so much more. They are also attributed to creating various parts of site lore, such as factions, series, several trends, "Tweet Tags," and even this very Wiki you are viewing. Notable members of the Second Generation include Blast, Makin' Bacon, Le Tryhard Hunter, EGG-Z, Walumancer, and Reboot. As of now, only Walumancer, Crimson Blitz, and the last airblaster remain.

Third Generation Taggers are generally those that came into prominence starting with Vulture Prime. New Taggers were often met with hostility during the reign of the Second Gen Taggers, and many were driven from the site because of it. However, Vulture was determined to stay whether they liked it or not. Since then, many other rising stars have since joined, including PyroDillon, and The Lazygineer, among others. Proto Kirby is the only one that still visits, and even then only lurks.

Fourth Generation Taggers are those who have joined the site after 2016. most of these Taggers have been known to repeat old tags and annoying old memes. Just like in the generations above, some Taggers have been subjected to missbombs, many didn't even stay for more than a day. A few have, however, stuck around, such as Joshy and Moura, the latter of whom is in the process of saving the site.

The Fifth Generation of Taggers are those who joined and got big following or just prior to the announcement of the Tagpocalypse via Dr. Dos's final farewell message to TF2Tags. Gen 5 Taggers are few and far between as of now. A few notable examples include Crel and the shitposter Buzzo, though even they have long since left.

There is the possibility of a Sixth Generation that will occur once the new TF2Tags opens on May 30th, 2019.

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