~ DILDO DOUCHE-BAGGINS, quite possibly the tersest reply to an MLP post so far.

Like any humor-based website, TF2Tags has it's own unfair share of memes, for better or for worse. The sources for said memes are virtually everywhere; from Team Fortress 2 itself, to the happenings and pop culture from the dreaded OUTSIDE WORLD, and to simply whatever new shit is being flung around the dingy caverns of the internet at the time. The site even has some community-specific memes to call its own, having fermented long enough in the internet sun at this point for the process to just occur naturally.

These memes can be simple references to some funny thing from a show you just watched (and rudely assume everyone else has too), to a clever pun, to some quip that was just incidentally thought up by some clever dick and promptly jumped on by everyone in the hope of getting crits. Sometimes, entire communities are "memes" on TF2Tags in and of themselves; it's entirely possible for a formulaically funny joke to be discarded due to it being about ponies or transgenders or something.

This page aims to document all of the notable running jokes that have barged into the "Latest" page over the years, not just for information, but also as a cautionary statement. The TF2Tags community are notoriously fickle bastards, and attitudes towards certain topics can change very rapidly depending on subjective criteria such as repetition or controversy.

So read the pages in this section well and carefully, and think twice before you make that bucket joke.

The Bucket List (Geddit? Because Bucket Jokes?)

Site-Specific Jokes

Universal Memes

The "Guaranteed Misses" Jokes

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