If you plan on using the site, it's good for you to know how it works and what all of the pretty buttons and hyperlinks do. As much as this sounds really easy, it's much better if it all gets explained here rather than on the site itself (where the only way to communicate is through items and comments).

This section lists links to pages explaining key site mechanics (title drop!) such as the submission and voting system, and some other side functions such as comments, the search system, and profile rankings.

This section does not contain information on how to avoid shitposting. That stuff is located more or less at the Memes page. To be honest, most of the community would rather you check that out first, but I'm writing under the assumption that you're a humble soul who wants to absorb as much background information as they can before actually making their first post.

Yeah, fat chance.

  • Comments: An ever-lasting message left to show your feelings towards the submission. Or complain.
  • Crits and Misses: The core and soul of TF2Tags.
  • Item Creation: The body required for the soul to exist.
  • Item View: So you can see how pretty your tags are! And everybody else's, but who cares.
  • Profile Ranking: Become a strange weapon today!
  • Profiles: I mean, how would we tag without a profile? (No more anonymous!)
  • Submission Limits: Because we're not fans of completely red pages.

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