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Anonymous is not a tagger, but instead refers to anyone who posts on the site without logging in as a Steam user.

Anonymous posters are an acknowledged and much-maligned presence on the site, accounting for just over 70% of all of the site's posts to date, and probably also 65% of the shitty ones.

Anonymous posting is currently disabled.


When the site first launched, posts could only be made anonymously; the Steam log-in functionality would not be developed until December 1st of 2011, with the first tag not being posted by Dos being a Sniper Rifle that got a simple, negative reponse.

The anonymous function has been plagued with unfunny strangers over the years, and the lack of accountability to events such as The Racist Anon led to it being disabled often. The current and last time it was disabled was on June 12th 2015.


  • Although Anonymous isn't technically a "user", it still has a profile where its point records are stored.
  • Anonymous has the most crits and total tags by a landslide (albeit with a mediocre C/T ratio); however, this is usually not included.
  • It is possible, through a bug, to make the site appear as though you are logged in as Anonymous if you interrupt the logout process; this will not allow you to post anonymously if it is disabled, however. Another way to do it is to relog into your account, but with a different profile picture. Your other device (i.e. smartphone) will see you as being logged in as Anon.
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