"He said something? I wasn't aware."

~ ╱┤shton, spawning a new meme

╱┤shton (who previously went as Ashton_Doovis) is a tagger who joined the site officially in 2015, growing quickly in popularity. He's been mainly known for his particular "Taggers in the Wild" series and mostly above average quality of tags.


He first came upon the site back in 2013, while he was trying to find a name for his Phlogistinator. TF2Tags was the first option; he tried looking for others before realizing that it was the only website where people shared their name ideas. After settling on "The Poltergust 3000", he decided to look at some of the most recent entries, and liked the creativity of the users. He was most interested in the highly respected people, specifically Relk_Cehi, Jesse, and Legownz. After making a list of potential tags, he decided he too wanted to build a reputation on the site. At the time, he was young and unoriginal, all of his 3 first tags were missed to hell, which made him stop tagging. He did still check the site from time-to-time, because of its unique community.

In late 2015, he saw sets called "How to make good tags" made by someone he had never heard of before. It took him 5 minutes to read all of them. He created a tag referencing the HAL 9000 from the 2001: A Space Odyssey which was his first successful submission. Later that night, he created the first ever "Taggers in the Wild". It was received very positively, even by the ever so snarky Relk.


Ashton has tried to stay very friendly with as many taggers as possible, with having such people as Acquiesce, Fancytag, L'Étranger, Marmot, TheOnlyGuyEver, and many, many more.


  • ╱┤shton is the creator of the Taggers in the Wild, which is based off of Animals in the Wild. Marmot is an assistant.
  • ╱┤shton's original rep item was the Steel Shako, and planned on saving money to get a Vivid Plasma one ingame. When he realised there were none, he shifted to the Stout Shako instead.
  • One of ╱┤shton's comments was turned into a meme, when he was referring to the latest shitstorm on Bonkspenser's now deleted post, saying he wasn't aware of whatever Jesse had said.
  • ╱┤shton hates odd numbers. This was evident when he noticed that he had 1007 crits.
  • ╱┤shton's tagger name usually included random Lenny faces. Whenever he got bored of one, he just made another. Nowadays however he's stopped doing it due to the faces only being- *Glitch* - He still does it.
  • Over time, ╱┤shton's amount of submissions has diminished, due to "An overdose of homework and extra credit"
  • When ╱┤shton joined the site for the first time, he used the name ∆sht■∏_D■■▼is, along with a Minecraft prolfile picture. He changed it immediately after Jesse called it cancer.
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